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13th April, 2023
New Animation Tutorials by Twinimation Studios
Twinimation Studios’ Andria has prepared three new commercial animation courses, each one teaching you a distinct style, in Krita. Read on for the details! Do you love Rubberhose, Golden Age, an...
3rd April, 2023
Krita in 2022 and 2023
This is our, very late, yearly overview of the year past, and look-forward to the year that has just started. If that sort of thing bores you, feel free to skip! Like in 2021 and 2020, no members of t...
9th March, 2023
New Video: How to Draw Dynamic Figures in Krita
This week, we have released the latest of Ramon’s Krita videos! This time there’s even a Blender file to help you pose figures!...
5th January, 2023
Krita 5.1.5 Released
We’re releasing today a new bugfix release. This is mainly important for Android and ChromeOS users where sometimes Krita would be very slow opening or creating a new image, or loading an image....
14th December, 2022
Krita 5.1.4 Released
We’re releasing today a new bugfix release. This probably will be the last 5.1 bugfix release, since we’re updating our dependencies and builds after this. Next will be 5.2 with a ton of c...
9th December, 2022
Two New Episodes of Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic by the Morevna Project
The Morevna Project has released two episodes of the Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic. Most of the artwork, including some frame-by-frame animation scenes, is painted using Krita. Here are some frame-by...
24th November, 2022
New Video! Making Brushes Part 4
Ramon has just published a new video, digging deeper than ever into brush preset creation in Krita! Enjoy!  ...
7th November, 2022
Krita 5.1.3 Released
Today we’re releasing Krita 5.1.3. This is strictly a bug fix release, but we recommend updating to everyone. There are also performance improvements because we updated some of the libraries we ...
2nd November, 2022
New Video: Making Brushes, Part 3
An new video by Ramon! This time it’s all about the sensors:  ...
5th October, 2022
New Video: the OTHER brush engines
Ramon Miranda has published a new video on Krita’s Youtube channel: Making Brushes Part 2: the OTHER brush engines. With a new brush preset pack: