Krita 4.2 Release Notes

This is a work in progress page that will contain all the new features scheduled for Krita 4.2. There is no scheduled date for this release currently. You can get all these features now if you download the “Krita Next” nightly build.

Move and transform selections

Easily move, rotate, or transform the selection by itself. You can even edit the anchor points with how the selection is made to do things like rounding corners.


Gamut Masking (only with Artistic Color Docker)

New contributor Anna Medonosova has added this great feature.  A new color gamut docker where you can limit your colors shown. The results are only available right now with the artistic color selector. This is a new feature that still needs some polish. If you want to rotate the gamut mask, you will need to edit it in the Gamut Mask docker.


Improved Artistic Color Docker

New contributor Anna Medonosova has added this great feature. More options and cleaned up Artistic Color Selector. There is now a “continuous mode”  (infinity symbol) that allows you to remove the stepping with certain attributes. Additional options for new gamut masking.


Undo operations with move tool

Move tool operations can now be undone.

Real time mask painting performance improvement

  • Painting masks in real time is now significantly faster using the global selection mask.
  • Showing the global selection mask without a selection will automatically select everything by default

Improvement to Select Opaque

Ctrl + clicking a layer’s thumbnail in the layer docker makes a selection of the layers content. This is the same as the right click option Select Opaque. There are also new methods for making layer selections. “Select Opaque” has been renamed to “Select Opaque (replace)” now to account for the new functions.

  • Ctrl+click = replace selection
  • Ctrl+shift+click = add selection
  • Ctrl+alt+click = subtract selection
  • Ctrl+shift+alt+click = intersect selection


Resize layer thumbnails

There is a new slider on the layers docker that allows you to resize the layer thumbnails to see them larger. The size is saved for when you return back to Krita the next time.




Added modified() getter to the document class to check if the document has changed (BUG 297320)


Other Changes

  • Make it easier to select lower values for stabilizer sliders
  • Icons for dockers and tabs are more easily seen now on Windows