Every 15-euro-and-up backer gets 5 votes to distribute between their favourite stretch goals.

All stretch goals on the list are attainable (as you may have heard we’re more than 10.000 euros over).

Note that voting closes on August 15, 2016 at 23.59 UTC. Any votes we receive after that time can’t be processed.

We’ll rank the stretch goals by number of votes regardless of level and “use up” the available money strictly from the top, so as soon as there’s less than 4500 or 3000 euros left (but still enough for a whole stretch goal) we’ll only consider the next lower level. This seems fairer than first ranking by level, then by number of votes, because it makes for more variety and less waste. Any stretch goals that don’t get in this time we keep in reserve for later!

To vote, enter up to 5 numbers in the survey response box. ONLY NUMBERS from 1 to 24. No money amounts, no names of stretch goals, no questions. Any questions you have about the vote or the survey you can mail to [email protected].

If you enter fewer than 5 numbers, we’ll count them as follows:

1 entry = 5 votes for that stretch goal
2 entries = 3/2 votes
3 entries = 2/2/1 votes
4 entries = 2/1/1/1 votes

To give 4 votes to stretch goal ‘x’ and 1 to stretch goal ‘y’, enter ‘x x x x y’ in the response box.

If you enter more than 5 numbers, we’ll count only the first 5.

If we don’t understand your ballot we’ll discard your vote rather than making a guess. The same goes if there is any text in the box at all: we’re trying to process the votes with a script this time, and anything other than numbers and punctuation will confuse it.

For the full description of all stretch goals see the Kickstarter page (you need to scroll down a bit).


1. Transform from pivot point
2. Composition Guides
3. Global Texture for Texture Brush
4. Make bundles smarter to get a more usable interface
5. Export a tag as a bundle
6. Reference Images Docker
7. Vector Layers as Mask
8. SVG Import/Export
9. Move Assistants to a Separate Layer Type
10. Convert Vector Shape to Assistant
11. Convert Height Map to Normal Map
12. LUT Baking
13. Arrange Layers
14. On-Canvas Layer Tooltips with Layer Selection Tools


15. Smoother Gradients
16. Numerical Input Widget
17. Stroke Paths with Brushes
18. Objects Outliner


19. Improve Calligraphy Tool Drastically
20. Stop-based gradient editor
21. Flipbook/Sketchbook
22. Rotatable, Scalable Patterns
23. Audio Import


24. Python Scripting Plugin