Updated Windows Builds

Published    27th February, 2015


We prepared new Windows builds today. They contain the following updates:

  • Improved brush presets. The existing presets were not optimized for Windows systems, so Scott Petrovic took a look at all of them and optimized where possible
  • The brush editor now opens in the right place even if the screen is too small
  • You can now disable the on-canvas message that pops up when zooming, rotating etc. This might solve some performance issues for some people
  • We increased the amount of memory available for G’Mic even more. This may mean that on big, beefy Windows machines you can now use G’Mic, but on other, less beefy machines filters might still crash. G’Mic is an awesome tool, but keep in mind that it’s a research project and that its Windows support is experimental.

We’ll move the new builds to the official download location as soon as possible, but in the meantime, here are the downloads:


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