Krita 2.9.0: the Kickstarter Release
The culmination of over eight months of work, Krita 2.9 is the biggest Krita release until now! It’s so big, we can’t just do the release announcement in only one page, we’ve had to split it up into separate pages! Last year, 2014, was a huge year for Krita. We published Krita on Steam, we […]
Krita 2.9: First Beta Released!
Last week, the first preparations for the next Krita release started with the creation of the first Krita 2.9 beta release: Krita 2.9 Beta 1. This means that we’ve stopped adding new features to the codebase, and are now focusing on making Krita 2.9 as stable as possible. We’ve come a long way since March, […]
Last two weeks in Krita — and development builds!
Lots and lots and lots (and lots) of new stuff! We’re getting really close to the 2.9 release freeze, which is currently set for December 10th. That means that the current builds are full of fresh code. In other words — they need testing. Now is the time to report bugs and issues! Kickstarter Let’s […]
Last week in Krita – Week 45
UI Scott Petrovic revamped the UI of the transform tools for better readability and usability, and is now heading towards changing around the brush-settings. Boudewijn  changed around the way background colour works: now Krita uses white as the default transparency-fill colour. You can set this from opaque to transparent in the new-file dialogue to get […]
New Development Builds
It’s been about a month since we last published new development builds… And a lot has happened in the meantime. Now, before everyone starts downloading, a warning: THIS BUILD IS REALLY EXPERIMENTAL And we mean it. Not only does this build include a month of Dmitry’s work, but we also merged in Mohit Goyal’s Summer […]
Quick Update…
So… What’s been going on since our last update? Quite a lot! Boudewijn visited Latinoware 2014 and gave a presentation about free and libre graphics software, including Krita of course! You can download the slides here. It’s not yet known whether the presenations were recorded. Wolthera visited Facts, where she demoed Krita on a big […]
Another kickstarter feature done: cage transform
Yesterday, Dmitry finished another part of his work on the transform tool. He added cage tranform and improved the anti-aliasing. Only liquify is still on the transform tool todo list! Here’s the details: 1) Warp tool now has really much better quality and became a bit faster 2) Cage transform tool 3) Both Warp and […]
New Development Builds
After a hiatus — Siggraph 2014 first, then two weeks of vacation, We’ve got new builds for you! These builds have the following improvements: KICKSTARTER: Fix brush antialiasing OCIO: Implement an option to disable changing currently selected color when changing exposure/gamma X11: Fix a crash with newer evdev drivers OCIO: set black and white points […]

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