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No 3.0.1 Release This Week

Published    7/16/2016

The Krita release process still depends completely on one person making the Windows, Linux and OSX builds — me, Boudewijn. And I’ve been out of action for a week and a half now, so I couldn’t make those builds. Since I need some more time to recover and pick up all the threads and todo’s, we decided to move to a new release schedule, skipping the planned 3.0.1 release.

We will try to release Krita every six weeks with the release cycle starting from July 25th. These releases will have bug fixes and new features. A release cycle is going to have a merge window of two weeks during which new features can be merged, followed by four weeks of translation work and bug fixing. The next release of Krita will be September 5th.

During the process we will make development builds available for testing, of course.

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