New Development Builds

Published    23rd September, 2014

After a hiatus — Siggraph 2014 first, then two weeks of vacation, We’ve got new builds for you! These builds have the following improvements:

  • KICKSTARTER: Fix brush antialiasing
  • OCIO: Implement an option to disable changing currently selected color when changing exposure/gamma
  • X11: Fix a crash with newer evdev drivers
  • OCIO: set black and white points of the image in the OCIO docker
  • Fix saving 16 bit grayscale images to tiff, jpeg and ppm
  • Fix loading and saving of blending modes to PSD
    We’re still missing several blending modes, though. At least these are missing for rgb:

    • inverted divide
    • pass through
    • darker color
    • lighter color
  • Fix saving assistants (again)
  • Fix a bug that randomly disabled Krita tablet support
  • Update the preview of the MyPaint color selector when a new color is set
  • Add zooming/panning to the overview docker


  • Update G’Mic to 1.6
  • Fix loading of Auto Spacing for predefined brushes
  • Fix incorrect enabled state of widgets in layer box after switching the node
  • block clipboard brush when it’s not active as it was interfering with other brushes
  • Fixes for ink depletion of saturation
  • Let the popup palette use tags instead of a manual configuration system to select between sets of brushes


  • Add a color slider docker: this adds a HSV/HSL/HSI/HSY’ slider docker to Krita


Windows build:

OSX build (still experimental, no OpenColorIO or OpenEXR):

Linux build:

In the mean time, lots of improvements to the transform tool are being worked on.



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