New Animation Tutorials by Twinimation Studios

Published    13th April, 2023

Twinimation Studios’ Andria has prepared three new commercial animation courses, each one teaching you a distinct style, in Krita. Read on for the details!

Do you love Rubberhose, Golden Age, and Limited Animation? Good News! You can now learn all three of these classic animation styles in this full course utilizing the animation program Krita!

This course will begin with a history lesson to explain the notable elements of these 3 animation styles, including character designs, environment, color usage, music incorporation and much more. We will also look at numerous film examples from these eras to show how the learned elements have already been utilized.

After that, we dive right into the film creation process. Join instructor Andria as she takes you through the process of re-designing existing characters with rubberhose, golden age, and limited animation qualities in mind, drawing backgrounds from reference, toned color editing, drawing storyboards, animating in different styles and adding vintage edits.

This course is essentially three courses in one. Over the course of 70+ lessons, we’ll create three short films from start to finish. And once again, all animation and most illustration for these different film styles is done in Krita.

But for those who aren’t interested in learning all of these styles, you’ll be happy to learn that each individual section for this full course is available on its own.