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Monthly Drawing Challenge August 2015

Published    8/3/2015

(by jmf)

The 6th iteration of the Monthly Drawing Challenge is taking place on the Krita Forums!

This month’s topic is… Ancient

To enter, post your picture on the August drawing challenge thread. The deadline is August 24, 2015. You are free to interpret the topic in any way. Let your imagination run free. The winner is decided through a poll running 7 days after the deadline. The winner gets the privilege to choose next month’s topic. You can use the hashtag #kritachallenge to talk about this challenge on social media.

I started the challenge in February 2015 with two goals: to give people motivation to draw, and to give them a way to get rid of the “blank canvas syndrome”. The challenge is not about winning! It is about making art, trying something new, and getting inspired.


Last month’s winner: “Love at First Flight” by scottyp.

love at first flight

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