Krita 4.4.5 Released

Published    6/9/2021

One last bugfix release before Krita 5.0! We found a nasty bug on MacOS, and while we’re on the cusp of finishing up Krita 5.0, we didn’t want to leave MacOS users in the cold till then.

  • Set ElideRight for the tabs in the mdiarea. (Bug 433640)
  • If loading the image fails too often, stop retrying (Bug 433652)
  • Use QVersionNumber to compare versions
  • Fix oilpaint filter’s tiling artifacts commit
  • Only open the bug dialog when Krita is in alpha or beta
  • Fix crash on popup palette on 125% scale (Bug 431944)
  • Fix compilation for GCC11. Thanks Jonathan Wakely for the suggested fix! (Bug 434150)
  • Use opengl ES on Arm Linux (Bug 421136)
  • Fix crash on importing a broken icc profile (Bug 434273)
  • Remove the hello world demo plugin (Bug 422380)
  • Bugfix: Crash with crop tool (Bug 433770)
  • Bugfix: Transform (Shear) tool doesn’t use pivot (Bug 427462)
  • Fix angle range in the angle selector in status bar and overview docker (Bug 434993)
  • Implement “Scale handles proportionally” feature for the mesh transform
  • Bugfix: Crop tool doesn’t respond to some events (Bug 435201)
  • Remove JPG from the list of supported clipboard image formats (Bug 431310)
  • Don’t set the menu text on the action if it’s empty (Bug 437036)
  • Expose the node’s unique id to libkis commit
  • Fix quicklook generator (Bug 436224)
  • Fix random crashes on macOS and fix cursor getting stuck after switching to other apps using cmd+tab and returning to krita using mouse click. (Bug 434646)
  • Fix data corruption on pressing Ctrl+Z while crop action is active (CCBug 433770)
  • Fix zooming of the palette in Lazy Fill Tool (Bug 410997)
  • Fix outline-selection precision when shift-modifier is pressed (Bug 437048)
  • Fix crash when closing Krita too quickly while some stroke is still rendering (Bug 419021)
  • Fix incorrect memory access in KisCanvas2::setProofingOptions()
  • Fix a race condition when starting spontaneous jobs (Bug 434648)
  • Fix display color management in Overview docker (Bug 428605)
  • Fix Nearest Neighbour filter of the perspective transform mode (Bug 420811)
  • Fix drift of the transformed image when moving mouse too quickly (Bug 416899)
  • Fix smoothness of Free Transform mode (Bug 416899)
  • Fix input method not working on popup widgets (Bug 395598)
  • Fix export in Krita using CLI commit
  • Fix OpenColorIO include dir detection commit
  • Fix order of arguments in OverviewThumbnailStrokeStrategy (CID 310957)
  • Do not rely on endianness in psd_image_data (CID 35080)
  • Widen variables before making calculations (CID 248925)
  • Override patchWidth and patchHeight being 0 with defaults (CID 248441, CID 248622)
  • Check value after dynamic cast in ConvertColorSpacePr.Vis. (CID 304985)
  • Properly bound values on conversions (CID 248629, CID 248458)
  • Initialize propertyType in KisMetaData::TypeInfo::Private (CID 35498)
  • Initialize variables in KoRuler and KisFullRefreshWalker (CID 35523, CID 35612)
  • Initialize members of KisImagePyramid (CID 36041)
  • Initialize members of DlgOffsetImage and DeformBrush (CID 36144, CID 36265)
  • Initialize members in KCanvasPreview (CID 36395)
  • Initialize members in DlgClonesArray (CID 248509)
  • Initialize members in KisShadeSelectorLine (CID 36338)
  • Initialize members of assistant classes (CID 248502, CID 248916)
  • Initialize members in spin box related classes (CID 248555, CID 248871)
  • Fix xyYtoXYZ color conversion formula
  • Make the code in the triangle color selector cleaner commit
  • Fix updates in Channels docker commit
  • Fix updates in Histogram docker commit
  • Fix multithreading in Histogram widget commit
  • Change typedef to using in HistogramDockerWidget commit
  • Fix referencing of null value in SvgStyleWriter (CID 329512)
  • Fix uninitialized values in HistogramDockerWidget (CID 329509)
  • Fix High DPI for canvas previews in Undo History docker commit
  • Fix crash on saving a huge image to .kra (Bug 432182)
  • Ensure that transform worker won’t try to scale to 0 (Bug 432182)
  • Fix KoQuaZipStore error checking commit
  • Show country in language list for disambiguation (Bug 437994)
  • Fix failing update when transforming a shape layer with a Transform Tool (Bug 437886)
  • Do not append country name to zh_CN and zh_TW (Bug 437994)
  • Revert “Fix OpenColorIO include dir detection”
  • Add more checks on saving to kra commit
  • Fix non-float results in expressions for float values (CID 329390, CID 329448, CID 329482)
  • Fix uninitialized values in various classes (CID 329508, CID 329504, CID 329503, CID 329502, CID 329501)
  • Don’t assert on invalid 0-bytes palettes commit
  • Initialize members of SVG Symbols classes (CID 304987)
  • Initialize members of KisColorSelector classes (CID 36349, CID 248848, CID 248452, CID 248707)
  • Android: Make saving operation on exit more robust commit
  • Bugfix: Artifact with more than one active assitant (Bug 401940)
  • Android: SAFE_ASSERT on TouchCancel event commit
  • Android: Layer Properties’ text field not responding to keyboard events
  • Android: Fix Window Manager position when rotating
  • Bugfix: Inconsistent stroke fill and shape fill (Bug 399127, Bug 422204, Bug 434828)


Note: there is no Krita 4.4.4, that version number was created only for the release on the Epic store.


If you’re using the portable zip files, just open the zip file in Explorer and drag the folder somewhere convenient, then double-click on the krita icon in the folder. This will not impact an installed version of Krita, though it will share your settings and custom resources with your regular installed version of Krita. For reporting crashes, also get the debug symbols folder.

Note that from this release on we are not making 32 bits Windows builds anymore.


(If, for some reason, Firefox thinks it needs to load this as text: to download, right-click on the link.)


Note: if you use OSX Sierra or High Sierra, please check this video to learn how to enable starting developer-signed binaries, instead of just Apple Store binaries.

Note: the gmic-qt is not available on OSX.


This time, the Android releases are made from the release tarball, so there are translations. We consider Krita on ChromeOS and Android still beta. There are many things that don’t work and other things that are impossible without a real keyboard. You can also get Krita 4.4.5 from Google Play.

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The Linux appimage and the source .tar.gz and .tar.xz tarballs are signed. You can retrieve the public key with gpg: “gpg –recv-key 7468332F”. The signatures are here (filenames ending in .sig).

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