Krita 2.4 Beta release – Visual tour

Published    14th September, 2011

Krita 2.4 Beta1 is just released now.

This release includes many new features, enhancements and bugfixes. Some major news:


Preset blend and management

  • Now you can manage presets in the preset editor
  • Blending modes for painting can be saved into preset (including Erase mode)

Opacity and Flow

  • Opacity can be saved into preset
  • New Flow parameter (similar to Photoshop Flow)


  • Improved Sketch Brush : sensors available on density, line width and offset parameters

Color Source

  • New color sources (pattern, gradient, random…)

Color Smudge

  • New “Color Smudge” engine

Curve Brush

  • New Curve brush based on latest Harmony engine
    • Favorites Popup

      • Favorite brush presets in right-click pop-up palette


      History Docker

      • New history docker

      Channel Docker

      • New Channel selection docker

      Hexadecimal Color

      • Specific color selector now has hexadecimal input

      Image Docker

      • New Image Docker to load reference pictures

      Art Color Selector

      • New Artistic Color selector with separated hue, saturation and light

      Tasks set

      • New “Task Sets” Docker to record a list of tasks and repeat it easily


      Blending Modes

      • New Blending modes for layers and painting (including photoshop-compatible modes)

      Top bar

      • Toolbar shortcuts for Opacity, Flow and Size
      • Save/Load Workspaces


      • MultiHand tool (featuring mirror, symmetry and translate modes)

      Line Tool

      • Line tool now has pressure and tilt sensors available


      • New feature in Image menu: Split an image in a set of rectangles


      • Get Hot New Stuff (GHNS) to share brush presets, patterns and gradients

      Canvas only

      • New feature in View menu: “Show canvas Only” mode


      • New feature in File menu: “Save incremental version”


      • New Pipe mode for the Text-painting tool that spray letters on stroke

      But this is only the visible top of the Iceberg! Look at the full changelog HERE or the announcement HERE for more details…

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