Krita 2.9.5 Released

Published    10th June, 2015

The Kickstarter was a success, but that didn’t keep us from adding new features and fixing bugs! We made quite a bit of progress including adding pass-through mode to group layers, allowing inherit alpha to be used on all layer types, better PSD support, and adding an on-canvas preview of the color being picked. We even added a new brush preset history docker! You can see the full release notes below.

Krita 2.9.5 also fixes a critical bug in Please upgrade if you experience crashes after restarting Krita.

New Features:

  • Add a lightness curve to the per-channel filter (bug 324332)
  • Add a brush preset history docker (bug 322425)
  • Add an all-files option to the file-open dialog
  • Add global light to the layer styles functionality (bug 348178)
  • Allow the user to choose a profile for untagged PNG images (bug 345913, 348014)
  • Add a built-in performance logger
  • Added a default set of paintop preset tags (these are not deletable yet!)
  • Add support for author profiles (default, anonymous, custom) to .kra files
  • Add buttons and actions for layer styles to the Layer docker
  • Add ctrl-f shortcut for re-applying the previously used filter (bug 348119)
  • Warn Intel users that they might have to update their display driver
  • Implement loading/saving of layer styles to PSD files
  • Add support for loading/saving patterns used in layer styles
  • Allow inherit alpha on all types of layers
  • Add a pass-through switch for group layers (bug 347746, 185448)
  • Implement saving of group layers to PSD
  • Add support for WebP (on Linux)
  • Add a shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-N) for edit/paste into New Image (bug 344750)
  • Add on-canvas preview of the current color when picking colors (bug 338128)
  • Add a mypaint-style circle brush outline.
  • Split the cursor configuration into outline selection and cursor selection
  • Add loading and saving transparancy masks to PSD groups

Performance improvements:

  • Remove delay on stroke start when using Krita with a translation

Bug fixes:

  • Fix view rotation menu by adding rotation actions
  • Fix crash when duplicating a global selection mask (bug 348461)
  • Improve the GUI for the advanced color selector settings (wrench icon on Advanced color selector)
  • Fix resetting the number of favorite presets in the popup (bug 344610)
  • Set proper activation flags for the Clear action (bug 34838)
  • Fix several bugs handling multiple documents, views and windows (bug 348341, bug 348162)
  • Fix the limits for document resolution (bug 348339)
  • Fix saving multiple layers with layer styles to .kra files (bug 348178)
  • Fix display of 16 bit/channel RGB images (bug 343765)
  • Fix the P_Graphite_Pencil_grain.gih brush tip file
  • Fix updating the projection when undoing removing a layer (bug 345600)
  • Improve handling of command-line arguments
  • Fix the autosave recovery dialog on Windows
  • Fix creating templates from the current image (bug 348021)
  • Fix layer styles and inherit alpha (bug 347120)
  • Work around crash in the Oxygen widget style when animations are enabled (bug 347367)
  • When loading JPEG files saved by Photoshop, also check the metadata for resolution information (bug 347572)
  • Don’t crash when trying to isolate a transform mask (transform masks cannot be painted on) (bug 347622)
  • Correctly load Burn, Color Burn blending modes from PSD (bug 333454)
  • Allow select-opaque on group layers (bug 347500)
  • Fix clone brush to show the outline even if it’s globally hidden (bug 288194)
  • Fix saving of gradients to layer styles
  • Improve the layout of the sliders in the toolbar
  • Fix loading floating point TIFF files (bug 344334)



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