Krita 2.8.3 Released

Published    15th May, 2014

The third monthly bugfix release for Krita 2.8 is out! Download your Windows installer now, or get your distribution’s updated packages! There are quite a few bugfixes and improvements:

  • Translation fix in the Multihand tool: Axis -> Axes.
  • More precise translations. (bug 333135)
  • A fix for the outline of invert selection.
  • Krita no longer closes immediately when a file is corrupted but gently warns the user.
  • Fix bug: deleting Group-Layer and contents when there are no other layers prevented user from creating new layers (crash). (bug 333496)
  • Improved detection of supported image formats.
  • Removed a number of resource leaks.
  • Add support for selection in GMIC filters. (bug 325771)
  • Fix crash when GMIC filter is applied to the layer which was moved. (bug 327980)
  • Add search box for filter names of the GMIC plug-in. A text box below the filters tree can now be used to find the GMIC filter by name.
  • Select only paint layers when gathering all Krita layers from layer stack.
  • Remember the last used preset across sessions.
  • Fix invalid recalculation of width and height between units.
  • Ensure that the channel flags are always reset when they are set to full, otherwise compositing will not be will work not efficient. (bug 333080)
  • Fix painting grid on lower zoom levels. (bug 333234)
  • Fix a triangular brush outline for a 1-pixel brush. (bug 334408)
  • Fix pixel-alignment of the Rectangle and Ellipse tools, perform alignment exactly how the user expects. (bug 334508)
  • Make layer actions such as “Delete the layer or mask” listed in the in Configure Shortcuts dialog. (bug 332367)
  • Fix handling a tablet when “Pan/Scroll” mode is assigned to a button. Note: Wacom’s “Pan/Scroll” feature supports only vertical wheel scroll, so using usual Middle-button panning is recommended. (bug 334204)

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