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Krita meets 3D-Coat

Published    7/19/2013

Some time ago, VFX artist Paul Geraskin created a video to show off how well Krita and the sculpting application 3D-Coat combined in his workflow:

And that made KO GmbH’s Inge Wallin decide to contact the makers of 3D-Coat, Pilgway Studio. Pilgway studio is a company based in Ukraine and 3D-Coat is their application for 3D modeling, sculpting, painting, retopology, UV-mapping and rendering needs. Version 4 of the application was released in June.

Pilgway told us that customers of 3D-Coat have long sought an alternative to Photoshop for their 2D painting needs on Linux. Well, Krita fits the bill! And as Paul shows, Krita and 3D-Coat can work seamlessly together and exchange layered images with just a few mouse clicks. For Pilgway and the Krita team, having someone like Paul come to us and show us how the applications work together was an awesome eye-opener. So — enjoy the video! If it doesn’t embed properly in your feed aggregator, go to:


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