Is Krita for you?

Published    13th June, 2013

The answer is… YES!

This is the first of a serie of posts where we will show you, all the different artworks that you can create with Krita. For that we have talked with some artists and asked to them some questions for you!

The first artwork was created by Greg (France). It’s a colourful paint that appeals to the imagination. He painted this image for the second birthday of his niece! (Please, press for a high size of the image and you will appreciate all the details)


– How did you discovered Krita?
I’ve been for quite a while interested in open source os and applications and decided a few years ago to have a dual boot with Kubuntu and discovered Krita while looking at painting apps on linux.

– What brushes did you use for this image?
I’ve used mainly Deevad brush set and a few custom brushes. Lots of overlay brushes for the glowing on the animals.

– What is your favourite feature of Krita?
I really love how speedy everything is. Image navigation, mirror flipping and brush engine is very responsive. Also the right click interface is very handy.

– Why would you recommend Krita?
I’d recommend it simply because it’s an absolutely awesome open source painting application full of amazing features. Fast and simple interface, optimized workflow.

– Why did you started with digital painting? Do you still painting on paper?
I’ve not painted that much traditionally. I was mostly sketching and drawing on paper but it’s only recently that I’ve started venture into the world of digital painting. The safety net of undo’s and layer makes it less scary than for a traditional painting.

You can see more of his artwork on his deviantart.

Our second artist  is Tago73, he is from Italy, and we have the pleasure of show you this artwork:


(Please, press on it to see all the details)

– How did you discovered Krita?
I discovered Krita few years ago, when I switched from GNOME to KDE.

– What brushes did you use?
I used the default brush with different opacity, size and dispersion.

– What is your favourite feature of Krita?
I can’t choose one, I love all the features!

– Why would you recommend Krita?
Simply because is the best app for painting

– Why would you started on digital painting? Do you still painting on paper?For convenience, I painted in oil on canvas, but cleaning the tools at the end of the work was a torture… Few years ago (5-6), my daughter was born and the time for my passion has been halved, so I started in digital painting and now I only work on it.

You can see more of his artwork on his deviantart.

Hoping you enjoyed it!

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