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Published    4/28/2014

Great software like Krita doesn’t happen all by itself. There’s development, of course! Volunteer work (like Manuel Riecke’s new Posterize filter), sponsored work (like Lukas Tvrdy’s work on integrating G’Mic into Krita, or Dmitry’s work on the new HDR color selectors) or commercial, like KO GmbH’s work on Krita Gemini) means that there is an application to use and have fun with.

But we’re a small team! And there’s so much more to help out with. To coordinate work on things like the new fund raiser (ssst… more news coming soon!), a website redesign and the manual, we’ve got a new discussion forum: Krita Development.

Check out the discussions, join the team and help make Krita better and better:

 There’s some awesome stuff going on already, but we really need more hands!

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