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Comics in Krita Training DVD Now Open For Pre-Orders! (Inc. Trailer)

Published    7/16/2011

Today, with the help of the Krita and FOSS digital art communities, and many hours of hard work by digital artist Animtim, pre-orders for the first ever, official Krita training DVD are open! Drawing Comics with Krita, helps you learn how to draw, color assemble and publish comics yourself using Krita, the free and open source digital painting suite. The DVD, comic book combo shows you, step-by-step how to use the most important of Krita’s flexible painting tools. These are skills that can be used in any drawing or painting project. Better yet, each purchase helps fund getting creative commons training out there to help get more digital artists into Krita, free culture and free software in general.


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The “Comics With Krita” is a combined package that comes with two parts:

1. “Comics With Krita” Training DVDComics with Krita DVD Cover

The first ever Krita training DVD includes 6 Hours of HD video focused on creating comics from scratch, including:

  • Explanation of Krita’s user interface
  • Around an hour of HD video tutorials
  • See 3 pages of comics created in Krita, all in timelapse (compressed down 400% from 20 hours of video!)
  • Step-by-step instructions on sketching, inking, painting and exporting your pages
  • An introduction to Scribus to build professional PDF files ready for print or web.
  • All of the files used to create the printed comic book that comes with the DVD.

All video and tutorials, show a workflow being used for real production work with Krita, today.

1920x1080p Webm video files (playable in VLC, Firefox 4+, Chromium and other players)
All commentary overlaid onscreen in simple English

2. “Wasted Mutants / Wisdom Mountain” Comic Book

Pile of comics titled Wasted Mutants and Wisom Mountain. Pictures a hippy penguine and a robot made from old PC parts in the desert. A printed (yes, actual paper!) 20 page comic-book, featuring two short comics in both black & white and full color, all made in Krita:

  • “Wasted Mutants” – The surreal, post-apocalypse comic featured in the showcase, created this year to test Krita’s comics workflow.
  • “Wisdom Mountain” – A never-before-seen, full color, all new story created especially for the “Comics With Krita” pack.

100% Happy, Guaranteed.

Ok, we’re not going to go into some corny line about how mind bogglingly ecstatic you’re going to be or we’ll insist on cheerfully refunding you your every cent. Here’s how it works though: You like it, or return it to us in it’s original condition within 60 days and get your purchase price (but not shipping) back. Pretty simple, right?

How Do I get my Hands on It?

October 2011, “Comics With Krita” pack (training DVD plus printed comic book) will be released priced at €27,50 with fast, worldwide, courier shipping included for €10.

Until the launch though, you can get your copy at the discounted price of only 20 to say Thankyou! for helping fund production. Just click on one of the add to cart buttons below now and complete your order. Remember, if you’re one of the first 95 DVD pre-orders, you’ll also get a limited edition, signed copy!

*23/09/2011: “Pre-orders discount” and “bonus limited editions” are over. Regular pre-orders still available:

DVD & Comic Book Pack: {source}
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Remember, all the money’s going towards funding Krita becoming even better for all of us! Thanks for helping bring more training to FOSS digital artists and more digital artists to free and open source software!
The Krita Team

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