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Gamechuck sponsors Krita
Gamechuck, a new studio  based in Zagreb, has just released the first trailer for their upcoming role-playing adventure game Trip the Ark Fantastic. Trip the Ark Fantastic is planned for release in 2022 on PC/Mac/Linux and consoles, and Gamechuck has created the game entirely with free software. What’s more, they have also decided to sponsor […]
Updated Vote Tally!
And here’s an update on voting! We’re almost at 15,000 euros now, or more than four months of solid work. And this what it looks like you want us to work on! 1 – Papercuts 139 2 – Brush Engines 82 3 – Animation 68 6 – Vector Objects and Tools 44 5 – Layers […]
Let’s Tally Some Votes!
We’re about a week into the campaign, and almost 9000 euros along the path to bug fixing. So we decided to do some preliminary vote tallying! And share the results with you all, of course! On top is Papercuts, with 84 votes. Is that because it’s the default choice? Or because you are telling us […]
Let’s take this bug, for example…
Krita’s 2018 fund raiser is all about fixing bugs! And we’re fixing bugs already. So, let’s take a non-technical look at a bug Dmitry fixed yesterday. This is the bug: “key sequence ctrl+w ambiguous with photoshop compatible bindings set” And this is the fix. So, we actually both started looking at the bug at the […]
Paris Art School Looking for Krita Teacher
An art school in Paris, France, is looking for a Krita teacher! This is pretty cool, isn’t it? If you’re interested, please mail [email protected] and we’ll forward your mail to the school! A freelance Krita teacher to teach basics to art school students, Paris 11e. November 2018. The course has to be mainly in french […]
The Krita 2018 Fundraiser Starts: Squash the Bugs!
It’s time for a new Krita fundraiser! Our goal this year is to make it possible for the team to focus on one thing only: stability. Our previous fundraisers were all about features: adding new features, extending existing features. Thanks to your help, Krita has grown at breakneck speed! Squash the bugs! This year, we […]
First Beta Release of Krita 4.1
Three months after the release of Krita 4.0, we’re releasing the first (and probably only) beta of Krita 4.1, a new feature release! This release includes the following major new features: A new reference images tool that replaces the old reference images docker. You can now save and load sessions: the set of images and […]
Krita 4.0.4 released!
Today the Krita team releases Krita 4.0.4, a bug fix release of Krita 4.0.0. This is the last bugfix release for Krita 4.0. Here is the list of bug fixes in Krita 4.0.4: OpenColorIO now works on macOS Fix artefacts when painting with a pixel brush on a transparency mask (BUG:394438) Fix a race condition […]
Funding Krita: 2017
We decided at the last sprint to publish a yearly report on Krita’s income and outlay. We did that in 2015 and 2016. 2017 has been over some time now, so let’s discuss last year’s finances a bit. Last year was weird, of course, and that’s clearly visible from the results: we ended the year […]
3 Students Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2018
Since 2006, we have had the opportunity for Google to sponsor students to help out with Krita. For 2018 we have 3 talented students working over the summer. Over the next few months they will be getting more familiar with the Krita code base and working on their projects. They will be blogging about their […]

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