Get started making your own brush presets!
Get started crafting your own brush presets! Join Ramon for the first of a set of comprehensive videos!
Second Krita Animation by Twinimation Studios
Today we’ve got a second guest post by Andria Jackson who has created a new course on using Krita to create 2D animation! Hello, Twinimation Studios is back with a brand new course and a brand new website! If you love old timey, Fleischer’s style animations like Betty Boop and Koko the Clown, you can […]
New Video: Discover Vector Shape Libraries
After a LOT of research, Ramon’s new video is done: this time he investigates how to create vector libraries in Inkscape for use in Krita. And there are two cool libraries he has prepared for you all to play with!
New Video by Ramon: The Recorder Docker
One of the exciting new features in Krita 5 is the recorder docker. Ramon shows you how to use it in this new video:
New course on using Krita to create a 2D film
Today we’ve got a guest post by Andria Jackson who has created a new course on using Krita to create a 2D film! Twinimation Studios first online course has launched. This course, How to create a 2D Film on a Budget, is for anyone who wants to create their own animation, but isn’t sure about […]
New Video by Ramon:
Check out Ramon’s latest video, showing off Krita 5’s awesome new brush capabilities.   Ramon has created another bundle of impasto brush presets to go with this video. To use the brushes, download the latest version of Krita: Krita Plus. Take care, this is still beta software! Download the bundle: And have as much fun […]
New Book: Krita Secrets by Bohdan Kornienko
“Krita Secrets” is a book that aims to deliver as short tutorials as possible. Each tutorial covers one specific action with its result. The tutorials range from how to do little tricks, like draw Parallel Lines, to complex tools such as Gradient Mesh. By September 22, 2021 the book contains 60 tutorials and it keeps […]
WARNING: scam mails about krita and youtube coming from krita.io
AND THEY ARE BACK… This time with krita.studio ANOTHER UPDATE: there are now also fake installers that you are asked to run. Only download krita from this website, Steam, Windows Store or Epic Store! UPDATE: THIS IS A RANSOMWARE ATTACK. If you reply, you will get a link to a mediabank.zip file that contains two […]
New Krita Video by Ramon Miranda: Crayons: Comment Timelapse
We’ve got a new video for you! Ramon Miranda uses the set of crayons brush brush presets to make a drawing, and tells you what he’s doing along the way. The brush presets can be downloaded from https://files.kde.org/krita/extras/back_to_school/ — and there’s a template file as well, to get started with!
New Video: Crayons: Back to School!
Ramon has just published this month’s new video on the Krita Youtube channel! “Back to School” is all about getting into Krita for the first time, no matter how old you are. And there’s a new brush preset pack for you, too! You can get the extra brush presets and template on https://files.kde.org/krita/extras/back_to_school/!

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