Two New Episodes of Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic by the Morevna Project
The Morevna Project has released two episodes of the Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic. Most of the artwork, including some frame-by-frame animation scenes, is painted using Krita. Here are some frame-by-frame scenes which were made in Krita: (see “making-of” for this scene) Pepper&Carrot is a webcomic created by David Revoy, who is known for […]
New Video: Making Brushes, Part 3
An new video by Ramon! This time it’s all about the sensors:  
New Video: the OTHER brush engines
Ramon Miranda has published a new video on Krita’s Youtube channel: Making Brushes Part 2: the OTHER brush engines. With a new brush preset pack:
Only Download Krita From Trusted Places
We were informed that there are compromised downloads of Krita being offered, from Russian domains: Please only download Krita from trusted sources:,, the Windows Store, Steam, the Epic Store and the Google Play Store (we’re working on the Apple macOS store…) or your Linux distribution’s package manager. Third party download sites […]
Intel Becomes First Krita Development Fund Corporate Gold Patron
The Krita Foundation is very happy to announce that Intel is the first Patron Member of the Foundation’s Development Fund Intel and Krita have a long history together of successful collaboration on projects like Krita Sketch, improving multithreading and HDR painting. This strategic collaboration will deliver a series of new painting capabilities, making full use […]
Teaser of Pepper & Carrot Episode 3
The Morevna Project has released a teaser of a new episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic, which is made using Krita and other open-source tools. Pepper&Carrot is a webcomic created by David Revoy, who is known for his contributions to Krita and other libre art projects. The sources of the webcomic are available to everyone under […]
Get started making your own brush presets!
Get started crafting your own brush presets! Join Ramon for the first of a set of comprehensive videos!
Second Krita Animation by Twinimation Studios
Today we’ve got a second guest post by Andria Jackson who has created a new course on using Krita to create 2D animation! Hello, Twinimation Studios is back with a brand new course and a brand new website! If you love old timey, Fleischer’s style animations like Betty Boop and Koko the Clown, you can […]
New Video: Discover Vector Shape Libraries
After a LOT of research, Ramon’s new video is done: this time he investigates how to create vector libraries in Inkscape for use in Krita. And there are two cool libraries he has prepared for you all to play with!
New Video by Ramon: The Recorder Docker
One of the exciting new features in Krita 5 is the recorder docker. Ramon shows you how to use it in this new video:

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