New Video by Ramon Miranda:
In this fifth video on creating brush presets in Krita, Ramon goes in depth with the masked brush feature!  
New Video: How to Draw Dynamic Figures in Krita
This week, we have released the latest of Ramon’s Krita videos! This time there’s even a Blender file to help you pose figures!
New Video! Making Brushes Part 4
Ramon has just published a new video, digging deeper than ever into brush preset creation in Krita! Enjoy!  
Multiple Perspective
We’ve released a new video! Ramon talks about the new perspective assistant in Krita 5:
First Krita Book in French!
After Japanese and English, here is the first book for french-speaking people who want to get started using Krita! The author is  Timothée Giet, long time user and contributor and the creator of two of  acclaimed training DVDs for the Krita Foundation, Comics with Krita and Secrets of Krita. And there is also a preface […]
Using the Transform Masks
  (This video has subtitles in english)   Okay, so I’ve wanted to do a tutorial for transform masks for a while now, and this is sorta ending up to be a flower-drawing tutorial. Do note that this tutorial requires you to use Krita 2.9.4 at MINIMUM. It has a certain speed-up that allows you […]
Introducing Dirty Presets, Locked Brush Settings and Cumulative Undo in Krita 2.9.
One of the 2014 Google Summer of Code projects for Krita is going to be in the next release, Krita 2.9. It’s a bit complicated, so here’s a short tutorial in using Mohit’s Dirty Presets, Locked Brush Settings and Cumulative Undo projects! 1. Dirty Presets This is a feature a lot of people asked for: […]
How to select areas with the paintbrush in Krita 2.9
We have retired the Selection Brush in 2.9. There are several reasons for this: It was not a real brush, there was no pressure sensitivity, adding and removing from selections was complex. But the most important reason of all was that we implemented a far more powerful system in Krita 2.9: Painting directly on the […]

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