Krita 5.1.3 Released
Today we’re releasing Krita 5.1.3. This is strictly a bug fix release, but we recommend updating to everyone. There are also performance improvements because we updated some of the libraries we use! Note that we have skipped 5.1.2 because of a last-minute bug fix (with the exception of Android, where we are still on 5.1.2 […]
Krita 5.1.1 Released
Today we’re releasing Krita 5.1.1. This is strictly a bug fix release. Two serious problems are fixed in this release: a slowdown in start-up time experienced by some people, and a crash when copying a vector layer. Other fixes are: Native macOS touchpad gestures should now work properly. BUG:456446 On Android, the application size no […]
Krita 5.1.0 Released!
Today we’re releasing Krita 5.1.0, a major new feature release! Highlights Even more operations can handle multiple selected layers. We’ve improved support for the WebP, Photoshop layered TIFF and Photoshop files, and there’s new support for the JPEG-XL file format. We’re now using XSIMD instead of VC, improving painting performance, especially on Android where vectorization […]
Krita 5.0.6 Released
Today we release Krita 5.0.6. This is a bug fix release with two crash fixes: A crash when working with vector layers or vector selections and using undo a lot: BUG:447985 A crash deleting a vector layer with an animated transparency mask: BUG:452396 Krita is a free and open source project. Please consider supporting the […]
Krita 5.0.5 released
Today we release Krita 5.0.5, probably the last release before Krita 5.1.0 comes out, hopefully in June. Note on the numbering: you didn’t miss 5.0.3 and 5.0.4. Some stores, if they think a certain package isn’t good enough, insist you upload a package with an increased version number, and that happened twice with 5.0.2… Anyway, […]
Krita 5.0.2
Hot on the heels of Krita 5.0.0, we’re releasing the first bugfix release of Krita 5! It’s 5.0.2 because if you upload a beta with the version number 5.0.0 to the Windows Store, you cannot upload 5.0.0 final, but it has to be 5.0.1… So, don’t worry, you didn’t miss 5.0.1! This release contains the […]
Krita 5.0 released!
Krita 5.0 is here! This is a huge release, with a lot of new features and improvements. Some highlights: The way Krita handles things like brushes, gradients and palettes, as well as tagging, has been completely revamped. The new system is much faster, uses much less memory and is much more dependable! Gradients have been […]
Krita 4.4.8 Released
This is strictly a bug fix release. There are two changes: we fixed an issue with saving a .kra file with an embedded palette, which was broken leading to dataloss, and, for Windows, support for fractional HiDPI display scaling is now disabled by default. Download Windows If you’re using the portable zip files, just open […]
First Beta for Krita 5.0 released
Today, the Krita team releases the first beta for Krita 5.0. Krita 5.0 is a major release, with a lot of new features and a lot of changes. First some warnings: Krita 5 has a completely new resource system. Krita no longer loads all brushes, patterns, gradients and so on start-up, but caches the information […]
Krita 4.4.7 Released
This is strictly a bug fix release. The most important reason for this release is a fix for a performance regression in Krita 4.4.5. There are a few other fixes: Fix a crash on exit with certain versions of Qt and PyQt Fix moving selection with the magnetic selection tool (BUG:433633) Fix crashes in the […]

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