Autumn Sale in the Krita Shop

Published    20th October, 2016

While Timothee Giet is working on the next Krita training video series — and it’ll all be about animation! — we’re cutting the price of our existing training videos!

Digital downloads

Muses, still one of the best introduction to digital painting in general, and to Krita in particular, is now available for only €14,95!

Muses Download

Now just €14,95, from €24,95

And Secrets of Krita, full of in-depth hints, tricks and tips on how to get the most out of Krita is now also… only €14,95!

Secrets of Krita – Download
Now just €14,95, from €29,95

You can also get these downloads from our gumroad shop!


We still have actual DVD’s, neatly printed with atractive covers available for you to order, too:

Secrets of Krita – DVD
Now just €14,95, from €29,95, including shipping

Muses DVD
Now just €14,95, from €24,95, including shipping


Or you can get both training dvd’s and the latest version of Krita for Windows, OSX and Linux on a cool credit-card sized USB stick, showing off spring Kiki.

USB-stick up-to-date
Now just €24,95, from €39,95, including shipping

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