Krita 5.2 Release Candidate is out!
The release candidate is here for Krita 5.2, this means that we are confident that all the major bugs brought on by the changes in Krita 5.2 have now been fixed, and would like you to give it another round of testing. Please pay extra attention to the following features of Krita, since they got […]
Second Beta for Krita 5.2.0 Released
After two weeks of bug fixing, it is already time for the second 5.2 beta! In addition to the changes that 5.2 brings, we have fixed the following bugs in this second beta: Recent files are now front and center, news items have more text. Make new and open file buttons a bit bigger. Update […]
Krita 4.4.5 Released
One last bugfix release before Krita 5.0! We found a nasty bug on MacOS, and while we’re on the cusp of finishing up Krita 5.0, we didn’t want to leave MacOS users in the cold till then. Set ElideRight for the tabs in the mdiarea. (Bug 433640) If loading the image fails too often, stop […]
First beta out for Krita 4.4
The summer has come and gone since the 4.3 release, but we have not been sitting still. We had four Summer of Code Students this year, each of which completed their project. One of these projects has already made it into 4.4: The SeExpr fill layers! And that’s not the only new fill layer type… […]
Help Beta Test Krita 4.2.6!
This will be the first Krita release since the big sprint. We’re aiming to do monthly bugfix releases again from now on! But we also want to cut down on the regressions that come with rapid development so we’re making beta releases again. Please help the team out and check these beta releases for bugs […]
We’re doing a User Survey!
While we’re still working on Vector, Text and Python Scripting, we’ve already decided: This year, we want to spend on stabilizing and polishing Krita! Now, one of the important elements in making Krita stable is bug reports. And we’ve got a lot of those! But with some bug reports, we’re kind of stuck. We cannot […]
Anatomy of a bug fix
Updated builds with the fix are here:! People sometimes assume that free software developers are only interested in adding cool new features, getting their few pixels of screenspace fame, and don’t care about fixing bugs. That’s not true – otherwise we wouldn’t have fixed about a thousand bugs in the past year (though it […]
Krita 3.0 BETA builds out!
We have spent the last 20 days making over 80 fixes in Krita since the last Alpha build. We have decided it is time to enter the Beta phase! Furthermore, we’ve also spent time on improving our Windows builds.  This should fix all the scary G’Mic crashes on Windows. Notable Fixes G’Mic is fixed so that it uses OpenMP for […]
3.0 Pre-alpha 3 is out!
Today was an important day for the Krita project! We entered feature freeze! That means that from now on until the release of Krita 3.0, which is planned for April 27th, we won’t be working on adding new features, but we’ll be fixing bugs, fixing bugs and fixing more bugs! If you want to help […]
Launching the Krita Learning Place!
For months, we have been working on something awesome:! And now it’s the time to share our work with you. Over the past year, we created a comprehensive manual for Krita on KDE’s Userbase website, and now we’ve got a beautiful new home for our work. All the content has been ported to the […]

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