Google Summer of Code 2019: Call for Coders!
Every summer Google puts on a program that helps university developers get involved with the open source community. This is known as Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Krita has always participated in GSoC through the KDE community, and plans to do it again in 2019! If you, or someone you know, is in university and […]
3 Students Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2018
Since 2006, we have had the opportunity for Google to sponsor students to help out with Krita. For 2018 we have 3 talented students working over the summer. Over the next few months they will be getting more familiar with the Krita code base and working on their projects. They will be blogging about their […]
David Revoy teaches Krita course at university in Paris
This past week artist David Revoy visited the Université Cergy-Pontoise in Paris France to give a Krita training. The university’s teacher, Nicolas Priniotakis, has been using linux and other open source technology such as Blender. This was the first time the students have been exposed to Krita…and the results were a success with the help […]
Krita 3.0.1: new features and bug fixes
Krita 3.0.1 is the first release after Krita 3.0. With the new release schedule we’re trying to release every six weeks, with a combination of new features and bug fixes. This release already contains the first results of the 2016 Google Summer of Code projects, as well as kickstarter-funded features, the work of new contributors […]
Krita.org adds multilingual support; Call for translators
Did you know that Krita is available in over thirty languages? Krita.org though is only available in two. This means a lot of people in other countries get links to the English site – even though they don’t understand it. We want to change this situation and are taking the first step…adding multilingual support. Over the past couple […]
Three Slots Awarded to Krita for Google Summer of Code
Every year Google puts on a program called Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Students from all over the world try to obtain an internship where they can be paid to work on an open source application. This year we are lucky enough to have had three students accepted into the program! (Who gets accepted depends […]
Winners Selected from Giveaway
Written by Scott Petrovic And the giveaway is over! I want to thank everyone for entering and showing your support for Krita. The amount of comments and love that is being shown for Krita is out of this world. With the 400+ entries, there were over 20,000 words that were written. The developers spend a […]
New Krita Book Release and Giveaway!
Krita contributor Scott Petrovic has released his new book Digital Painting with Krita 2.9. This is the first book on Krita in English! At over 230 pages long, the book is packed with useful information on how Krita works! The book includes a lot of illustrations and examples to help explain concepts. The book is […]
Monthly Drawing Challenge August 2015
(by jmf) The 6th iteration of the Monthly Drawing Challenge is taking place on the Krita Forums! This month’s topic is… Ancient To enter, post your picture on the August drawing challenge thread. The deadline is August 24, 2015. You are free to interpret the topic in any way. Let your imagination run free. The […]
Krita 2.9.5 Released
The Kickstarter was a success, but that didn’t keep us from adding new features and fixing bugs! We made quite a bit of progress including adding pass-through mode to group layers, allowing inherit alpha to be used on all layer types, better PSD support, and adding an on-canvas preview of the color being picked. We […]

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