Interview with Jess M
Do you paint professionally or as a hobby artist? I don’t know how to answer that. I have always painted, I don’t consider it a hobby, but not a job either. Sometimes it’s paid, and most of the time it isn’t. But I always enjoy drawing. When and how did you end up trying digital […]
Meet Ahmed Teleb
Do you paint professionally or as a hobby artist? I paint professionally for my cartoons and if I had no work I’d keep painting as a hobby or study. When and how did you end up trying digital painting for the first time? I’ve been working with graphic software since 2002 for graphic design but […]
Meet Pixel Sprite!
Hi to all! Today we have for you a new interview, this time we have stolen some time to our artist Pixel Sprite, one of the artists that has participated in the designs for our cool stuff in the shop . Enjoy it and have a nice Monday! Do you paint professionally or as a […]
Awesome designs by Tyson Tan!
Tyson Tan, the father of our mascot, has collaborated with us for our merchandise shop! Some time ago he drew our mascot for fun and it became the Krita official mascot! Now he has for us this awesome design of “Kiki the Cyber Squirrel” and also… an artistic Konqui! So much thanks to Tyson for  […]
New: Clones Array tool!
Following hot on the heels of the wraparound tool comes yet another very cool feature! This time, the tool that we are presenting is especially useful for game designers.The Clones Array function will help the creators of games where the world consists of a set of small tiles of different kinds. This is a new […]
New Wraparound Tool!
Krita 2.8 will have some really awesome features! Today we are going to show you the new “Wraparound Tool” that will be available in the next release. This cool feature is for creating infinitely tilable textures, just press the “W” key and start to enjoy: Thanks to Paul Geraskin (Mifth) for this video! It consists […]
The Muses Preset Pack
Last time, we went through the options for the versatile and expressive hairy brushes. This time, we’ll discuss the brush set I’ve created for the “Muses” training DVD. Creating the brush set has been an enriching experience. Together with David Revoy and Timothee Giet, we created a standard for brush sets — and we have […]
Interview with César Tellez!
Here we are again with more interviews for you! This time we have for you a conversation with César Tellez, he is Mexican and he has been a member of our artist community for a long time and now he has collaborated with us! His artwork will appear in the new coming products of our […]
Expressive painting with Hairy presets
Hi! Ramon Miranda here! Let’s talk about Krita brush sets. The default set is big, not huge… But certainly big enough so you can get lost easily if you don’t spend a lot of time investigating. But if you dig deep enough, and explore the huge number of options, you’ll find some real gems. So […]
David Revoy releases 3rd version of his Brush Kit
Yesterday, David Revoy presented his new and 3rd brush kit for Krita. Thanks to him for his constant collaboration! He has post a complete guide where you can find how to use, download and install it. He has developed a consistent work, creating new thumbnails with standard backgrounds, composition and colors, with the goal to […]

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