Last week in Krita — weeks 25 & 26
This last two weeks have been very exiting with the kickstarter campaign getting closer and closer to the pledge objective. At the time of writing we just crossed 13k! And with the wave of new users, drawn by the great word spreading labor of collaborators and enthusiasts, we have been very busy bringing new functions […]
Last week in Krita — week 23 & 24
Even with the effort of designing, launching and running the kickstarterwe haven’t stopped developing! In the last two weeks, besides the coding work on the git repositories, Boudewijn has made available a hefty number of testing builds for the windows community. This builds brings up the latest novelties and features developed in the master branch. […]
Last week in Krita — week 21&22
Last weekend we celebrated a Krita sprint in Deventer, an event that reunites Krita’s developers to talk about, coordinate and if possible code the next steps in Krita’s roadmap. The discussion themes where varied and went from Krita foundation status to specific software features such as OpenGL default setting. Other topics included: 2.9 main features […]
Last week in Krita — week 20
When a feature is proposed there is discussion and feedback before getting into coding and implementation. The debate continues until most devs and artists agree that we need the feature and should be coded. This is done so the coding time is used more effectively. However no new feature is bug free or closed to […]
Last week in Krita — week 19
Big changes are made through small steps, and this week we made a lot of them. The team worked hard to unify tag management, standardize color rendering across all tools, fix interface bugs and optimize some filters. The majority of bugs and fixes are worked in the main development branch, but the bigger and experimental […]
Last week in Krita — week 18
It’s been a busy week at Krita development headquarters. And with so much work being done I feel proud to share all the great stuff that’s happening on the main development branch (Future 2.9). Before going into specifics I want to mention that there have been a lot of improvements in the code, from styling, […]

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