Updated Krita ColorToAlpha filter
  Dmitry Kazakov just updated Krita’s Color to Alpha filter on the development 2.7pre-alpha version ( already on Git master ) , so it can now be easily used for removing background from scanned sketches. To find the feature, in the menu : Filter > Color > Color to alpha. Algorithm differs from the one […]
Krita Konqi Contest: The winner is found!
  Since it was first announced, we have received 19 entries, many of which were of quite good quality and show an interesting approach to the topic. That of course meant that picking a winner was quite a challenge. Image : Konqui, Katie and Friends by tysontan   After reviewing all the entries the jury […]
Brush demo 2.7pre-alpha : “Prunus Oriental Flower”
( if the video doesn’t display, you can watch it here ) Since end January, Krita 2.7pre-alpha get a new major feature  :  Texture . The feature appear in the Brush Setting Editor. Under the ‘Texture’ categorie you can find 2 sub-panel : – Pattern to select the bitmap responsible of your texture and do settings […]
Free Transform Tool
Thanks to your donations this month Dmitry Kazakov could spent a part of his sponsored time to deep some fix mathematics problems in the Transformation tool algorithm. In fact, he has almost rewritten its implementation, and it was totaly worth it : no artifacts anymore, an amazing speed and powerful and precious feature for every […]

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