In Conversation with Sfepan
This time around we got into a conversation with the Krita artist Sfepan from Moldova. The illustration below is “Jorro” which is his favorite Krita work. Read on this interesting conversation! Have a nice day! Do you paint professionally or as a hobby artist? In any of the case, how would you define the importance […]
In Conversation with Tristan
And we’re back with yet another interesting conversation! This time around we had a conversation with Tristan Paulais from France. Below is his recent favorite Krita artwork named “The Child and the Rock”. Read on the entire conversation to know more about him – Hello Tristan, would you like to tell us something about yourself […]
In Conversation with Jens
This week we are back with an amazing conversation with Krita artist Jens Reuterberg from Sweden. Below is one of his favorite works “Gangster Monkey” made in Krita. He has also collaborated with us for Kritashop and a few of his designs are already available on the shop. Read on the conversation to know more […]
Kritashop: New Arrivals!
This weekend we have loaded the Kritashop with many new attractive products. For the products this week, we collaborated with Krita artist Enrico Guarnieri and created many new designs for throw pillows. Also, we now have a Krita icon tee in the shop which you can order in a color of your choice! We’d love […]
Kritashop Opens!
Krita’s webshop is now officially open! This summer, Maria Far and Chinkal Nagpal have spent lots of time finding great artwork to make awesome products with — and now there’s lot of really cool swag in the shop! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the constant contributions and support from artists who love […]
In Conversation with Elena
Hello readers, today we are sharing a short interview with Elena, from Italy, who is a Computer Engineer by profession and a painter by hobby. She is learning anatomy at present and she is loaded with an amazing spirit to learn more. She is also collaborating with us for the Krita Shop on zazzle. Click […]
In Conversation with Andreas Raninger
Today we got a chance to interview Andreas Raninger, an IT-Technician from Sweden who paints for a hobby. Even though he is working full time, he finds out time for painting and even paint book covers! Awesome, right? Click on more to read the entire conversation, here is his work “Master and Apprentice”. Hi Andreas, […]
In Conversation with Phillip Koops
This time we had a chance to interview Phillip Koops who paints for a hobby and swears by the words of Picasso – “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” An interesting conversation where he shares with us his views on Painting, Open Source Communities and much more. He also collaborated […]
Krita Webshop: New Designs!
The wait is finally over! We are here with a new set of merchandise designs which features artworks contributed by some of our own artists. With the three new designs now available on several merchandise options, the products are up for grab! Go and visit us here and we’d like to here your reviews about […]
In Conversation with Enrico Guarnieri
We also had a chance to have a conversation with Enrico Guarnieri from Italy, a wonderful Krita artist and contributor (remember those beautiful Krita splash screens – Ink Girl, Genesis, Butterfly shout- yes, he’s the guy!). An interesting interview providing an insight into how he found his vocation: digital painting, his views on Free and […]

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