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Krita 3.2.0 Released
Later than planned, here’s Krita 3.2.0! With the new G’Mic-qt plugin integration, the smart patch tool, finger painting on touch screens, new brush presets and a lot of bug fixes. Read the full release notes for more information!. Here’s GDQuest’s video introducing 3.2.0: Note: the gmic-qt plugin is not available on OSX. Krita now ships […]
Thank you all!
When we went public with our troubles with the Dutch tax office two weeks ago, the response was overwhelming. The little progress bar on is still counting, and we’re currently at 37,085 euros, and 857 donators. And that excludes the people who sent money to the bank directly. It does include Private Internet Access‘ […]
Krita 3.2.0: We Have a Release Candidate!
After last week’s rollercoaster ride (if you haven’t seen it, check the news, then the update!), it was hard to get back into making releases and writing code. Yet, here is the release candidate for Krita 3.2.0. Fixes since the second beta include: Some cleanups when handling OpenGL Show a clearer error when loading the […]
Krita Foundation: Update
When we posted the news about our tax wrangle yesterday, we did expect to make some waves. We didn’t expect the incredible response from all of you! A day later, over 500 awesome people have donated a total of €9562 (at the time of writing, check the fancy progress bar we’ve finally managed to create!). […]
Krita Foundation in Trouble
Please check the August 2nd update, too! Even while we’re working on a new beta for Krita 3.2 and a new development build for 4.0 (with Python, on Windows!), we have to release some bad news as well. The Krita Foundation is having trouble with the Dutch tax authorities. This is the situation: In February, […]
Krita 3.2.0: Second Beta Available
We’re releasing the second beta for Krita 3.2.0 today! These beta builds contain the following fixes, compared to the first 3.2.0 beta release. Keep in mind that this is a beta: you’re supposed to help the development team out by testing it, and reporting issues on There are still problems on Windows with the […]
Krita 3.2 beta 1 Released
We’re releasing the first beta for Krita 3.2.0 today! Compared to Krita 3.1.4, released 26th of May, there are numerous bug fixes and some very cool new features. Please test this release, so we can fix bugs before the final release! Known bugs It’s a beta, so there are bugs. One of them is that […]
Summer Sale: Made with Krita now €7,95
It’s summer — a bit rainy, but still summer! So it’s time for a summer sale — and we’ve reduced the price for the Made with Krita 2016 art books to just 7,95. That means that shipping (outside the Netherlands) is more expensive than the book itself, but it’s a great chance to get acquainted […]
Krita Available from the Windows Store
Some time ago, we got in touch with a team from Microsoft that was reaching out to projects like Krita and Inkscape. They were offering to help our projects to publish in the Windows Store, doing the initial conversion and helping us get published. We decided to take them up on their offer. We have […]
First Development Builds for Krita 4.0!
It’s still early days, and we have to say this up-front: these builds are not ready for daily work. We mean it, you might luck out, but you might also seriously lose work. Please test, and please report issues on! (But check whether your issue has already been reported…) That said… Here are the […]

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