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April Development Update
It’s April already… We’re long overdue for a development update, especially since we haven’t had a new release for quite some time. The reason for both those facts is that our maintainer has had some health issues since December that seriously slowed down not just his part of the development work, but also made it […]
Krita 4.2.0: the First Painting Application to bring HDR Support to Windows
We’re deep in bug fixing mode now, because in May we want to release the next major version of Krita: Krita 4.2.0. While there will be a host of new features, a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements, one thing is unique: support for painting in HDR mode. Krita is the very first application, […]
Creating a Python Plugin for Krita: Guest Article by Zlatko Mašek
About me: My name is Zlatko Mašek and I am a programmer originally from Croatia, but I live in Ireland. As you can find on my blog I am interested in art, cooking and social change; not necessarily in that order. I have a master’s in Information Science and in university I fell in love […]
New Test Builds: changes to Flow and Saving/Loading
Krita needs you! We’ve new test builds of what will become Krita 4.2. There are two changes that we really would like everyone to test! DO NOT USE THIS FOR REAL WORK. ONLY FOR TESTING. YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR WORK! First, following two discussions on the forum, William Brown created his very first patch for […]
Join GDQuest’s Kickstarter: “Create your Own Games with Godot, the Free Game Engine”
Nathan Lovato, the author of the Brushes for Illustrators and Concept Artists Krita brush preset pack and many Krita tutorials is running a kickstarter to create a new course on creating games with free software. He’s also sponsoring a developer to work on Krita Here’s what Nathan says: “I’ve been working with Photoshop for years, […]
Statistics Are Fun!
It’s the last day of the year, and statistics are fun! So, let’s see what we did this year, in fairly meaningless numbers! Code We made ten releases, as mentioned before. Over the past twelve months, 47 people committed a total of 2,842 commits to the master branch of Krita. That’s up from 2,260 commits […]
Krita in 2018 and 2019
At the end of the year, we looked back on 2017 and looked forward to 2018, it’s getting time to repeat the exercise! On the whole, 2018 was a better year for Krita than 2017. We hit some major milestones! We released Krita 4.0, which included Python scripting, the new, but sadly underpowered text tool, […]
Krita 4.1.7 Released
Today we’re releasing Krita 4.1.7, another bug fix release in the Krita 4.1 series. The most important fix is a weird one: it might help your wifi connection. The problem is that we started building a widget that would show you the news feed from The widget isn’t active, and doesn’t make any kind […]
Nov27 — the Krita Question and Answers Site!
With the help of the awesome KDE sysadmin team, Scott Petrovic has created — the Krita Question and Answers site. In the past couple of years, Krita has become more and more popular. With over a million downloads a year, there are now so many users that it’s become impossible to answer every question […]
Krita Updated on Steam
We have finally figured out how to update Krita on Steam to the latest version. We’re really sorry for the long delays, but we plan to keep Krita up to date from now. That means that Krita Gemini has been replaced by the regular desktop Krita: no matter where you get Krita, Steam, the Windows […]

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