Announcing the Krita Foundation

Published    17th December, 2012

The Krita community is proud to announce the creation of the Krita Foundation!

Officially named Stichting Krita Foundation, the Krita Foundation has been created to support the development of Krita, especially by searching funding to sponsor actual development work, like for instance  Lukáš Tvrdý has been sponsored before, or by organizing creative, open content projects like the Comics with Krita DVD. Currently, the Krita Foundation is sponsoring Dmitry Kazakov, who is for instance working on performance improvements.

Those projects have have been really beneficial to Krita, and the Krita community expects that having the Foundation in place will make it much easier to start new projects and sponsorships. The Foundation will also provide more continuity and accountability. Plus, it’s much easier now for everyone, users, fans, supporters to support Krita’s development, either with a one-off donation or a subscription:

Monthly Donation through Paypal

Krita Development Funding

One-time donation through Paypal

Flattr Krita

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There are lots of ideas boiling already!

The official goals of the Krita Foundation (shamelessly copied from the Blender Foundation) are:

  • To develop free graphics software, especially Krita
  • To provide services for users and developers of Krita
  • To provide artists and studios with everything they need to create digital art.


What about KDE e.V? Well, the Krita project and community will of course remain part of the KDE community. It’s the KDE e.V. that currently owns the domain, is hosted on KDE infrastructure, we’re using the KDE bugtracker, the KDE source repositories… Nothing changes there! We’ll be having KDE e.V. sponsored sprints, visit Akademy, promote KDE: Krita is one of the successes the KDE community has achieved and we’re proud of that! But KDE e.V. cannot direct or sponsor development, so a different organization is needed for that purpose, and that’s the Krita Foundation.


Stichting Krita Foundation

Korte Assenstraat 11
7411JP Deventer
the Netherlands
email: [email protected]

Bank Account

Account number: 7216397
IBAN: NL72INGB0007216397

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 56592574

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