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And so the Fundraiser Ends

Published    10/15/2018

Yesterday was the last day of the developers sprint^Wmarathon, and the last day of the fundraiser. We’re all good and knackered here, but the fundraiser ended at a very respectable 26,426 euros! That’s really awesome, thanks everybody!

We’ve already updated the about box for Krita 4.2 with the names or nicknames of everyone who wanted to be mentioned, and here is the final vote tally:

1 – Papercuts 202
2 – Brush Engine 132
3 – Animation 128
6 – Vector Objects and Tools 73
5 – Layers 59
7 – Text 48
10 – Photoshop layer styles 43
4 – Color Management 29
9 – Resource Management and Tagging 20
8 – Shortcuts and Canvas Input 18

Now we’re going to take a short break, and then it’s rollup our sleeves and get to work!

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