2.8 Release Candidate

Published    27th February, 2014

Still labelled as 2.8 beta3, the is pretty close that what we hope to release next Wednesday. Compared to the .11 build, there are the following improvements:


The XP package is being built and will be available later on.

There is also an Ubuntu package available in the Krita Lime repository. Read all about it on Dmitry’s blog!

  • Fix saving compositions (BUG:331310)
  • New erase toggle icon
  • Fix a memory leak when using the brightness/contrast curve (BUG:330479)
  • Save resolution info to OpenRaster files (BUG:321106)
  • Make handling custom input profiles more robust, also when updating (this should be the first 2.7.9.x release where you shouldn’t need to remove the input settings folder)
  • add a reset button to the input profile editor
  • Fix wraparound mode for the selection painting tools
  • Crop selection masks when activating the wraparound mode (BUG:330372)
  • Fix painting the cursor outline when there is no cursor outline (BUG:330570)
  • Make painting on high bit depth images much faste when the OpenGL canvas is enabled (BUG:331347)
  • Fix updates of the canvas rulers (BUG:330129)
  • Fix moving of a selection out of a layer (BUG:324373)
  • Fix saving indexed PNG files with current versions of libpng
  • Update to the latest G’Mic version and enable the G’Mic plugin on windows
  • Make the G’Mic dialog resize when selecting a filter (fixes layout issues)
  • Add a crash handler for Windows that uploads minidumps (the website that goes with it is not done yet!) and offers a clean restart
The final release is expected for next Wednesday.

And if you’re new to Krita, don’t forget that the Muses Training DVD by Ramon Miranda is shipping now!

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