The developers do their best to bring you a stable program. However, with many interacting features and several platforms to support, it’s easy to overlook the occasional issue. You can help make Krita a more stable program by reporting bugs through the KDE bug tracker. If you have any issues navigating your way around, there are some instructions from KDE you can follow.

Here is a document that tells you in detail how to report a bug for Krita.

If you’re unsure about reporting a bug in the bug tracker, don’t hesitate, but join us on the forum or on IRC to discuss your problem! There is also an active community on Reddit. Do not mail the Krita Foundation or developers directly for support.

Note that the IRC channel is not a company support channel: it’s a place where developers and users of Krita discuss Krita’s development. It’s a place where you can ask questions, but you have to be patient, and you might see other discussions going on at the same time. Krita’s IRC channel is not logged, and if you leave, we cannot answer you.