The developers do their best to bring you a stable program. However, with many interacting features and several platforms to support, it’s easy to overlook the occasional issue. And, of course, something might be wrong with your system, too. To make sure your bug report is accurate, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Krita Artists forum:
  2. The forum is a community of users and developers of Krita. Explain your problem:
    1. Describe the problem.
    2. Mention your operating system (Windows, Linux, Macos, Android or ChromeOS).
    3. Mention the version of Krita you are using to trigger the problem.
  3. If people believe you have found a real bug in Krita, please then file a bug report.
  4. Read the guide to report a bug.
  5. File a bug report.

Do not mail the Krita Foundation or developers directly for support. Krita has millions of users, and only half a dozen to a dozen developers!