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We always welcome new contributors! Krita is a huge and ambitious project. There is more work than our small core team can handle. The Krita community is very open, welcoming and supportive. No resumé or CV needed! If you’ve got the enthusiasm, you’re all welcome. Take a look at the different areas on where you might want to help out with:

  • Developers – Do you like to code? Head to the developer’s section to see how to get started building and fixing bugs.
  • Non-Developers – We are always in need of translators, artists, testers, writers, and anything else you can think of.
  • Suggestions – Submit suggestions and improvements to make Krita better.
  • Report Bugs – Help make Krita a more stable program by reporting bugs.


If you have any questions, the three main communication channels are IRC, the mailing list, or the Krita forum. When using IRC, be prepared to wait for an answer. Even though IRC is a more real-time mode of communication than mailing lists, there may not be anyone available to answer your question immediately.