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User Documentation

The Learning area always needs some extra work. We suggest drawing inspiration from Krita’s existing set of tutorials and the documentation of other programs such as Gimp.


You can help Krita reach a more international audience by either translating the program itself or translating existing pages on the Krita userbase wiki and the user documentations.


We’d love to see what you are creating with Krita! Please post your works in the gallery section, and indicate whether you allow us to use them in promotional material. New versions of Krita may also need new splash images and screenshots to demonstrate its new features, so we hope you will be able to contribute then as well.

Tutorials, Brushes, Patterns, etc

Do you have resources to share and contribute? They are always welcome! Please share them in the forum.


Krita needs to regularly announce new releases or fund-raising efforts on a variety of websites/blogs/social networks. This requires a lot of coordination work and perhaps a smart strategist.


We are constantly adding new features and fixing bugs. With all of this new work going on, we are likely going to create bugs and issues with the application in the process. Before you report any type of bug, make sure you are running the latest build. There is a good chance we have already fixed it in a newer version.  If you feel really tech savvy, you can try to build Krita yourself and get the newest version to test. If not, you can just download the latest stable release and test from there.