First Beta for Krita 5.1.0 Released
We’re releasing the first beta for Krita 5.1.0 today. Krita 5.1.0 is packed with new features! For the full list, check out the work-in-progress full release notes! Krita is a free and open source project. Please consider supporting the project by joining the Krita Dev Fund, donations or by buying training videos! With your support, […]
New Video: Discover Vector Shape Libraries
After a LOT of research, Ramon’s new video is done: this time he investigates how to create vector libraries in Inkscape for use in Krita. And there are two cool libraries he has prepared for you all to play with!
Google Summer of Code, 2022 edition!
This year’s Google Summer of Code is different from previous editions: there are both larger and smaller projects possible, and it’s no longer limited to students. We have two participants this year: Reinold Rojas and Xu Che. Reinold Rojas previous cleaned up and improved the recorder docker, added color sample preview to the color sampler […]
Krita 5.0.6 Released
Today we release Krita 5.0.6. This is a bug fix release with two crash fixes: A crash when working with vector layers or vector selections and using undo a lot: BUG:447985 A crash deleting a vector layer with an animated transparency mask: BUG:452396 Krita is a free and open source project. Please consider supporting the […]
Interview with J2J-Art
Could you tell us something about yourself? My name is Jessica, but my art name is J2J-Art. I am a self-taught artist, I was born in 2004 in South Africa and I have only been creating art for 4 years now. I draw both digitally and with graphite pencils on paper. Do you paint professionally, […]
Krita 5.0.5 released
Today we release Krita 5.0.5, probably the last release before Krita 5.1.0 comes out, hopefully in June. Note on the numbering: you didn’t miss 5.0.3 and 5.0.4. Some stores, if they think a certain package isn’t good enough, insist you upload a package with an increased version number, and that happened twice with 5.0.2… Anyway, […]
New Video by Ramon: The Recorder Docker
One of the exciting new features in Krita 5 is the recorder docker. Ramon shows you how to use it in this new video:
Third Edition of “Dessin et peinture numérique avec Krita” published!
Yesterday, French publisher D-Booker released the 3rd edition of Timothée Giet’s book “Dessin et peinture numérique avec Krita”. The first edition was written for Krita 2.9.11 in 2016. In this 3rd edition, Timothée has updated all the text and screenshots for the interface of Krita 5.0, and some parts have been entirely rewritten to make […]
Multiple Perspective
We’ve released a new video! Ramon talks about the new perspective assistant in Krita 5:
Krita 5.0.2
Hot on the heels of Krita 5.0.0, we’re releasing the first bugfix release of Krita 5! It’s 5.0.2 because if you upload a beta with the version number 5.0.0 to the Windows Store, you cannot upload 5.0.0 final, but it has to be 5.0.1… So, don’t worry, you didn’t miss 5.0.1! This release contains the […]

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