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April Development Update
With near infinite difficulty we managed to release Krita 4.2.9 in the last week of March… So now it’s time to look ahead! All Krita developers work from home anyway, whether they do sponsored work or are volunteers, but it’s quite hard to keep focus these days. Several of us are in quarantine, others are […]
Krita 4.2.9 Released
Today we’re finally releasing Krita 4.2.9! It’s been one of the most complicated releases we’ve ever attempted. When we updated the version of Python that’s embedded in Krita, scripting broke on Windows. When Apple updated its notarization protocol, building broke on macOS. And then we updated to a newer version of some of the libraries […]
Interview with Anilia
Could you tell us something about yourself? I’m Anilia, a freelance illustrator. I’m cooperating with many authors from all around the world. The key part of my job is to transform authors’ visions into shapes, forms, emotions and characters on drawings. Thanks to that global cooperation, many fantastic stories were published. Do you paint professionally, […]
Interview with TrishLaWitch
Could you tell us something about yourself? I am Patricia aka TrishLaWitch, I am a French woman who has never studied art. I had medico-social education … nothing to do with art but I always liked to draw, it is a way to travel in my imaginary world. Do you paint professionally, as a hobby […]
Krita 4.2.9 beta released!
Much later than we wanted to, we’ve finally gotten the beta ready for Krita 4.2.9! One of the reasons it took so long is that an update to Python 3.8 broke scripting on Windows. When we finally had figured out that the reason wasn’t just that Python no longer looks for libraries in all the […]
Interview with Spihon
Could you tell us something about yourself? Hi, I’m Spihon, I’m a born Desert Rat of the United States who loves to read, dabble in a bit of writing and play tabletop games from D&D to Palladium campaigns. And a heavy user of nom de plumes. I’m still nervous about putting my real name on […]
Krita in 2019 and 2020
2019 Let’s have some statistics first! Statistics are fun! (And notoriously unreliable) We started 2019 with about 450 open bugs — and that’s how we ended 2019. That said, we had 1236 new bug reports and closed 1272. Still, our 2018 fund raiser was all about getting rid of bugs, and that seems to be […]
Interview with Never Dot
Could you tell us something about yourself? My real world name is Andy Statia, but I go by Never Dot in the digital space. I live and grew up in Canada, for which I’m very grateful. Being in a temperate zone country, I get to experience the wild fluctuations between the seasons, which I’ve always […]
Interview with Eka Icydust
Could you tell us something about yourself? I have a HUGE problem in picking favorites, copy others’ styles when I’m lazy (hehe):-D, ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRAW, play Minecraft, BlockstarPlanet, extra extra, horrible at controller, all my friends have a TV or TVs and I dont :(, hate Roblox but can still play it in Roblox […]
Krita Receives Epic MegaGrant
Epic, the makers of the Unreal game engine, have supported Krita with a $25,000 MegaGrant! Epic has supported other free software projects, such as Blender and Lutris before, and now supports Krita. The purpose of this grant is to fund improvements to our development process so Krita’s development gets more sustainable. This is something we […]

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