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Krita in 2019 and 2020
2019 Let’s have some statistics first! Statistics are fun! (And notoriously unreliable) We started 2019 with about 450 open bugs — and that’s how we ended 2019. That said, we had 1236 new bug reports and closed 1272. Still, our 2018 fund raiser was all about getting rid of bugs, and that seems to be […]
Interview with Never Dot
Could you tell us something about yourself? My real world name is Andy Statia, but I go by Never Dot in the digital space. I live and grew up in Canada, for which I’m very grateful. Being in a temperate zone country, I get to experience the wild fluctuations between the seasons, which I’ve always […]
Interview with Eka Icydust
Could you tell us something about yourself? I have a HUGE problem in picking favorites, copy others’ styles when I’m lazy (hehe):-D, ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRAW, play Minecraft, BlockstarPlanet, extra extra, horrible at controller, all my friends have a TV or TVs and I dont :(, hate Roblox but can still play it in Roblox […]
Krita Receives Epic MegaGrant
Epic, the makers of the Unreal game engine, have supported Krita with a $25,000 MegaGrant! Epic has supported other free software projects, such as Blender and Lutris before, and now supports Krita. The purpose of this grant is to fund improvements to our development process so Krita’s development gets more sustainable. This is something we […]
Interview with teteotolis
Could you tell us something about yourself? Hello! My name is teteotolis. I am a graduate of Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece) and I am a professional illustrator/comic artist/visual artist. I live in Greece, I eat gyro with suvlaki and I say Opa! sometimes. Do you paint professionally, as a hobby artist, or both? […]
Gamechuck sponsors Krita
Gamechuck, a new studio¬† based in Zagreb, has just released the first trailer for their upcoming role-playing adventure game Trip the Ark Fantastic. Trip the Ark Fantastic is planned for release in 2022 on PC/Mac/Linux and consoles, and Gamechuck has created the game entirely with free software. What’s more, they have also decided to sponsor […]
Krita 4.2.8 Released
The Krita team is pleased to announce another bug fix release of Krita 4.2: Krita 4.2.8.¬† Part of Krita’s core team is now working on rewriting the way Krita loads and saves resources like brushes or gradients. This is a big task that takes up a lot of time, so there are fewer bug fixes […]
Krita 4.2.8 Beta
We had to skip the October release because we were working on a bunch of issues that took longer to resolve than planned, but that means that this release has more fixes than ever. Please test this beta, and take the survey afterwards! There has been a lot of work on vector shapes, the transform […]
Interview with Bryan Wong
Could you tell us something about yourself? My name is Bryan Wong. I am a physics undergraduate who is trying to become a game developer. Do you paint professionally, as a hobby artist, or both? I am working on my own game, so I mainly use Krita to work on game assets. Since paintings are […]
First Notarized macOS Build of Krita
Apple having decided it wants to deep inspect any application you might want to run on your Apple computer, has made what it calls “notarization” mandatory with macOS Catalina. Inevitably, Apple’s documentation on the subject is highly defective, like most developer documentation Apple provides. We figured it out, in the end. It adds about half […]

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