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Open Source Software for Concept Artists, Digital Painters, and Illustrators

What is Krita

Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program. It was created with the following types of art in mind:

  • concept art
  • texture or matte painting
  • illustrations and comics

There are a lot of great features that can help you make art. See Features

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Pick up the January 2015 ImagineFX issue to see what experts have to say about Krita!



Interview with Liz de Souza
Could you tell us something about yourself? Hi! I’m 32 years old, Brazilian, I’m a full-time wife and mother, and also an illustrator. Do you paint professionally, as a hobby artist, or bo...
Krita 3.0.1 Development Builds
Because of unforeseen circumstances, we had to rejig our release schedule, there was no release last week. Still, we wanted to bring you a foretaste of some of the goodies that are going to be in the ...
No 3.0.1 Release This Week
The Krita release process still depends completely on one person making the Windows, Linux and OSX builds — me, Boudewijn. And I’ve been out of action for a week and a half now, so I could...
Interview with Matteo Pescarin
Could you tell us something about yourself? My name is Matteo Pescarin, born in Italy and now living in London, UK. I’ve also been known with the nickname of Peach, as I was known amongst my fri...
Post-Kickstarter News
The campaign season is over, and we’re slowly recovering and getting back into a productive groove of coding, coding, coding and more. Kickstarter has transferred €34,594.37 to our bank accoun...
Call for submissions for the 2016 Art of Krita Book
The Krita Foundation is going to publish a glossy, shiny book of art created with Krita! This book will be sent out to the seventy Kickstarter backers who selected the artbook as their reward, and it ...
Interview with Jennifer Reuter
Could you tell us something about yourself? Heya I’m a story-teller and illustrator hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Still trying to work out the complicated map called ‘career direction...
Krita.org adds multilingual support; Call for translators
Did you know that Krita is available in over thirty languages? Krita.org though is only available in two. This means a lot of people in other countries get links to the English site – even tho...
And done!
Of course, we should have posted this yesterday. Or earlier today! But when around midnight we opened the Champagne (only a half-bot, and it was off, too! Mumm, booh!), we all felt we were at the end ...
David Revoy livestreaming on Twitch
Ten hours before the end of the Kickstarter (Tuesday June 7, from 21:00 to 23:00 CEST, UTC+2), David Revoy will draw in public! You can follow it on the official Krita channel on twitch.tv:  https://...
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