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Open Source Software for Concept Artists, Digital Painters, and Illustrators

What is Krita?

Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program. It was created with the following types of art in mind:

  • concept art
  • texture or matte painting
  • illustrations and comics

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New Development Builds Ready
There are new development builds ready, with a bunch of bug fixes since the last beta. Please test thoroughly, we’re getting really close to the second beta! These builds have the following fixes: The Settings and Windows menu actions now can have shortcuts assigned to them Loading of images w...
New GDQuest tutorials!
Nathan speaking: 9 new Krita tutorials came out since the last time I made a news post here. And so did my shoulder. Out of its socket. Ouch! But that’s a whole other story. If I’m here today, it’s to bring you 2 pieces of good news: 1. You may have noticed that the videos [&hellip...
Development Builds Ready To Test
So… Yesterday, Dmitry tried to fix an ancient bug that made it inconvenient to work with dockers, popups and the canvas: sometimes the focus would go haywire, and if you’d try to enter a value in a docker, or zoom while the cursor wasn’t over your image, things would go wrong. Well...
Krita 3.0 BETA builds out!
We have spent the last 20 days making over 80 fixes in Krita since the last Alpha build. We have decided it is time to enter the Beta phase! Furthermore, we’ve also spent time on improving our Windows builds.  This should fix all the scary G’Mic crashes on Windows. Notable Fixes G&...
Three Slots Awarded to Krita for Google Summer of Code
Every year Google puts on a program called Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Students from all over the world try to obtain an internship where they can be paid to work on an open source application. This year we are lucky enough to have had three students accepted into the program! (Who gets accepted d...
Interview with Tomáš Marek
Could you tell us something about yourself? Hi, my name is Tomáš Marek. I’m 22 years old, self-taught digital/traditional artist and student, and I currently live in the Czech Republic. Unlike most of the other artists I started drawing pretty late, about 4 years ago, mainly because I never ...
New Krita 3.0 Alpha/Development Windows Builds
Until now, we have made all Windows releases of Krita with Microsoft’s Visual C++ compiler. Krita 2.9 was built with the 2012 version, 3.0 with the 2015 version of Visual C++. Both compilers have problems building the G’Mic library, and, recently, the latest version of the Vc library. G&...
Horde of Cuteness fundraiser
Guest post by Justin Nichol. More game art with Krita! Support the project here on Indiegogo! My name is Justin and I have been making illustrations and game art with open source software for some time, and release my work under open licenses for others to use. I use Linux and Blender, and I initial...
Interview with Esfenodon
Could you tell us something about yourself? My name is Iván R. Arós, alias “Esfenodon”. I have been working in computer graphics for the last 13 years, but I think I’ve loved art from the first day I can remember something. I studied Arts at Vigo University, and I have always bee...
Krita 3.0: First Alpha Release
On the road to Krita 3.0, we’re releasing today the first alpha version. This has all the features that will be in 3.0, and contains the translations, but is still unstable. We’re fixing bugs all the time, but there’s still plenty to fix! That said, we think we nailed the worst pro...
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