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Krita has been developing quite fast, so you may be surprised to know that Krita's core team is actually quite small, not to mention severely overworked. We need your help! Whether you are a developer or non-developer, there are many things that need to be done to improve the Krita experience! In particular, Krita urgently needs:

  • A maintainer for Krita's merchandise shop: Krita has a mostly unused merchandise shop on . A volunteer is needed to properly set up and maintain it. Create cool new merchandise, keep a choice selection of t-shirt designs available -- All proceeds will be used to fund the Krita Foundation.
  • Developers: You'll be able to work on one of the coolest and fastest-growing open source painting programs out there. Krita also benefits from a modular architecture and the use of the Calligra and Qt libraries, which makes it easier to focus on new features instead of reinventing the wheel. And it makes coding fun!
  • Maintainers for Windows and OSX versions: Do you have experience porting and maintaining programs from Linux to Windows or OSX? As we all know, the current Windows version of Krita needs a lot of work. Please help us bring Krita to a wider audience!
  • Writers: The website, user documentation wiki and developer wiki are all in need of new content!
  • Marketing: Krita needs to regularly announce new releases or fundraising efforts on a variety of websites/blogs/social networks. This requires a lot of coordination work and perhaps a smart strategist.
  • Many more: Krita's community is very friendly and supportive. We welcome all types of contributors!

If you've always hoped to contribute back to the project, please don't hesitate to join us at our new Join page, or help us spread the word! You can also support Krita's development through donations. The Krita team thanks you for all the support you have shown us until now!



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