As we announced in the tittle, Muses project will be delayed until September. But there is good news, too, for those who have pre-ordered.

The people who have pre-ordered will have a compensation: A signed drawing in B/W in pencil (A4)! Ramon is also ready to provide you with private tutoring over email - you can ask any questions you have! And finally, there will be a personal interview with him.

Here is the video where he explains it, you can see the screenshots of the project starting from minute 3.05.



Hi to all!

We are delighted that very soon the Krita Foundation will launch a new venture: the “Krita Webshop”. We will offer a wide range of cool stuff! All the artwork will of course come from the contributions of the brilliant artists who use Krita. Kudos to all of them for showing their love for Krita!

So... Show your love for Krita, too! Get to own cool swag and help Krita. All proceeds go to the Krita Development fund. Because we want Krita to thrive and to develop a host of new features for Krita. For instance, by funding ace Krita hacker Dmitry Kazakov’s work. The Outreach Program for Women has been able to fund two interns to work on the webshop, the Krita website and more!

Chinkal and Maria are working hard to get the shop up and running as soon as possible. And you’ll often be hearing from them in the coming days.

We’re looking forward to reading your suggestions here.

And... remember, only a few days for Krita 2.7 release!cropped-icon-krita-sketch2.png


The answer is… YES!

This is the first of a serie of posts where we will show you, all the different artworks that you can create with Krita. For that we have talked with some artists and asked to them some questions for you!

The first artwork was created by Greg (France). It’s a colourful paint that appeals to the imagination. He painted this image for the second birthday of his niece! (Please, press for a high size of the image and you will appreciate all the details)


- How did you discovered Krita?
I’ve been for quite a while interested in open source os and applications and decided a few years ago to have a dual boot with Kubuntu and discovered Krita while looking at painting apps on linux.

- What brushes did you use for this image?
I’ve used mainly Deevad brush set and a few custom brushes. Lots of overlay brushes for the glowing on the animals.

- What is your favourite feature of Krita?
I really love how speedy everything is. Image navigation, mirror flipping and brush engine is very responsive. Also the right click interface is very handy.

- Why would you recommend Krita?
I’d recommend it simply because it’s an absolutely awesome open source painting application full of amazing features. Fast and simple interface, optimized workflow.

- Why did you started with digital painting? Do you still painting on paper?
I’ve not painted that much traditionally. I was mostly sketching and drawing on paper but it’s only recently that I’ve started venture into the world of digital painting. The safety net of undo’s and layer makes it less scary than for a traditional painting.

You can see more of his artwork on his deviantart.

Our second artist  is Tago73, he is from Italy, and we have the pleasure of show you this artwork:


(Please, press on it to see all the details)

- How did you discovered Krita?
I discovered Krita few years ago, when I switched from GNOME to KDE.

- What brushes did you use?
I used the default brush with different opacity, size and dispersion.

- What is your favourite feature of Krita?
I can’t choose one, I love all the features!

- Why would you recommend Krita?
Simply because is the best app for painting

- Why would you started on digital painting? Do you still painting on paper?For convenience, I painted in oil on canvas, but cleaning the tools at the end of the work was a torture… Few years ago (5-6), my daughter was born and the time for my passion has been halved, so I started in digital painting and now I only work on it.

You can see more of his artwork on his deviantart.

Hoping you enjoyed it!

Google has just announced the 2013 Google Summer of Code students! And that means that the Outreach Program for Women list is also announced. It's been some weeks of anxious waiting, not just for the students and interns involved, but also for the whole Krita community, developers and artists. But everyone can breathe again now!

Outreach Program for Women

This year, KDAB has sponsored one KDE internship in the highly succesful Outreach Program for Women, which originated in the Gnome community. But that didn't mean that only one KDE candidate got selected! We had a number of excellent candidates who already worked really hard to provide real contributions to Krita in the running up the the final decision. And two have been selected to participate!

Maria Far Ribes from Spain and Chinkal Nagpal from India will work with mentor Boudewijn Rempt on a broad set of tasks: creating a webshop with Krita merchandise and articles to help funding the Krita Development fund, as well as improving the current website, release promotion and more...

Thanks go out to KDAB and to the incredibly welcoming OPW community! Check the full list of 38 accepted candidates on

Google Summer of Code

This year, the Krita community has accepted two proposals for Krita, and both proposals were accepted in turn by Google! The students, Sahil Nagpal and Somsubhra Bairi from India have already been busy hacking on various parts of Krita -- expect a development blog update on shortly!

Sahil Nagpal is going to work on the Krita image filters. This section of Krita has been neglected for quite some time, and there is a host of feature requests from users that need to be implemented, as well as performance issues, bugs, problems with the user interface for some filters... Sahil has created a comprehensive plan for tackling the worst issues in order of priority. If all goes well, at the end of the summer, Krita's filters will be in tip-top shape! Sahil will be mentored by Dmitry Kazakov, and there is a team of users ready to support Sahil during development.

Somsubhra Bairi is going to work on a long-standing wish of many Krita users: support for creating animations. Not simple animated gifs, but real animations. Krita already has had two attempts at adding animation support, but neither plugin ever got really finished. In the coming three months, supported by a team of professional animators from over the world, Somsubhra will add timeline support, support for creating animation project files and more. Somsubhra will be mentored by Boudewijn Rempt.

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes both the run-up to the release of Krita 2.7 and the Google Summer of Code. Last week, a bit delayed by the beautiful Swedish spring weather Cyrille Berger branched Krita to get ready for the next release, which will likely be early June.  Enrico Guarnieri made a beautiful splash screen:

Krita 2.7 will be an awesome release with a host of cool new features.

Sahil Nagpal has added the ability to apply curves to the alpha channel to the curves filter. His first in-depth contribution to Krita and it works like a charm!

Check out Mifth's video on Vimeo (click here if the embedded video doesn't show for you)

Lukas Tvrdy has added support for creating seamless textures to Krita. Check out his blog to read all about it, if the embedded video doesn't work for you:

In the meantime, Lukas Tvrdy is working on integrating g'mic into Krita -- in one fell swoop expanding Krita's filter capabilities enormously. Check out David Revoy's tutorial on moving from paper sketches to digital illustration for an example!

Another fun and useful feature, especially for comics artists: file-backed layers. This is simply an external image file that you can embed in your layer stack as a read-only layer and that will update when the external image is changed. It can be scaled to the image resolution automatically. This is really useful when working on comics: the ink layer tends to be 600dpi while the color layer is 300 dpi.

In the meantime, sponsored by the Krita Development Fund (please consider subscribing!), Dmitry Kazakov has been improving the speed of painting on HDR images, fixed bugs in the filter brush, curves filter, color to alpha filter, histogram generation, generated layers, canvas centering after crop and -- most awesomely! -- some tablet issues when working with a dual monitor/cintiq setup! (Actually, a workaround for a Qt bug.)

For animators, the layer group switcher plugin is of interest. If you have a bunch of groups representing frames, you can now move from one frame to another with a simple keypress. Only the current group will be visible then.

And in the press, Muktware has an interview with yours truly on KDE and commercial support for Krita, while Linux Format in their June isse has compared Krita, Gimp, Mypaint, Inkscape and Pinta in their role as image editors. It's a fun read, even though one might quibble at some of the criteria that made Krita come out on top! And we got a report that Science et Vie Junior in France has also carried an article on Krita.

 And finally, don't forget our Muses DVD project! The pre-order is still available!

Muses: Painting with Krita DVD
Special pre-order price including shipping and V.A.T: €27.50

From yesterday, KO GmbH, the Magdeburg based company co-founded by Krita maintainer Boudewijn Rempt has announced it will provide full commercial support for Krita. We all know that Krita is a great painting studio, and with the growing maturity of Krita, there are plenty of places where Krita can be used professionally, not just in small studios or by individual artists, but as part of the workflow in larger studios. 

To make that work, commercial support is needed! KO provides access to a repo that provides Krita on CentOS 6 that is guaranteed to play nice with Maya, Nuke and Mari installs and is regularly updated, email, forum, chat and telephone support, training, custom development of plugins, bridges and special features. 

Among other things, KO GmbH has sponsored the development of OpenColorIO support for Krita 2.6 and has developed Krita Sketch for Intel App-Up.

You can read the full announcement at the KO GmbH website.



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